Kiss Your Cell Phones Goodbye!

What happens when you make a modern-day teen go tech-less for 10 days?

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Cormac Hanley
What happens when you ask a typical teen to go give up their cellphone and everything else that connects them to the digital universe?
NBC10 Investigators
No cellphones, no Facebook, no instant messaging! Five teens from William Tennent High School: (L to R) Dave Silver, Will Toms, Hillary Gack, Alex Sellen and Laura Succa, have agreed to go tech-less for 10 days!
NBC10 Investigators
NBC10 Investigator Harry Hairston explains the rules of the cyber shutdown. We want to see how their day-to-day life changes when they can't rely on the everyday devices the grew up using.
NBC10 Investigators
They're all smiles now. The happy teens show off their cell phones before the moment of truth when they surrender them for 10 days.
To help control any impulse behavior or severe cell phone withdrawals, the NBC10 Investigators put their cell phones in a lock box! We're also monitoring their Facebook accounts.
NBC10 Investigators
The teens test out the video cameras we gave them to record their grand social experiment. You can follow their tech-less journey on (although they can't for the next 10 days!)
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