‘Liberty’ to the ‘Max’: What Are Philly’s Top Dog Names of 2016?

Here's a list of the Top Philly dog names of 2016, done by Rover.com. You'll be surprised to read what inspired some of these names.

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Rover.com released the Top 3 names for male and female dogs in Philadelphia, as well as the top food-related, historic and sports-themed names.
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The Top 3 male dog names are Max, Charlie and Buddy.
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Meanwhile, the Top 3 female dogs names of 2016 are Bella, Lucy and Daisy. Is your dog's name one of these?
Philadelphia is a historic city, so it's no surprise that dog owners give their pets patriotic names.
Names like Liberty, Franklin and Hope went up 21 percent in 2016.
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However, the breakout name of the year became Hamilton -- which went up 35 percent.
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Philly is also known for its diverse food culture. Residents seem to live up the name as food-related dog names are on the rise.
The name Pretzel is up 12 percent while Scrapple is up 35 percent.
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Of all the foods one can name their pet, Candy takes the cake at a 125 percent increase.
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In a city that's filled with passionate sports fans, it shouldn't be a surprise that basketball- and football-themed names for dogs are up too.
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Sixers-legend-inspired names likes Barkley and Charles Barkley are up 15 percent and football-themed names are up 13 percent.
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