Historic Tavern Reopens 2 Years After Burning Down

Two years after it burned down, the Buckeye Tavern in the Lehigh Valley has reopened. The fire burnt down the tavern that had been in existence since the 18th-century.

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Terry Bender
The Buckeye Tavern ribbon cutting ceremony for its reopening took place this morning.
Terry Bender
The Buckeye Tavern has been around since 1735 but burned down in May 2015.
Maria Amedeo
The fire had devastated the landmark tavern.
Terry Bender
The ribbon cutting of the new tavern along Brookside Road in Macungie took place Monday morning.
Terry Bender
Before the fire, the tavern had changed its name a few times from the East Macungie Hotel to the Load of Mischief and now the Buckeye Tavern.
Terry Bender
The community had given support over especially over the past two years. After hard work, Terry Bender, owner of the Buckeye Tavern, was able to reopen the restaurant on May 22.
Terry Bender
In early May, the tavern was investigated by the Lehigh Anomalous Phenomenon Investigation Society and is said to be haunted by a ghost named Susan.
Terry Bender
The Buckeye Tavern is located at 3741 Brookside Road, Macungie, Pennsylvania.
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