Chester County’s Sacred Artist Neilson Carlin

Take a look inside the studio of Neilson (Neil) Carlin as he puts the finishing touches on his painting commissioned for the 2015 World Meeting of Families.

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1/9 - Dan Stamm
Sacred artist Neilson (Neil) Carlin calls Kennet Square home.
2/9 - Dan Stamm
Carlin has worked over the past few months on a painting of the Holy Family that will be displayed as part of next year's World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.
3/9 - Dan Stamm
Carlin, an artist his entire life, has devoted his work to his Catholic faith.
4/9 - Dan Stamm
He used models to perfect the look for Mary and Joseph.
5/9 - Dan Stamm
He said parishioners at his own church also inspired his work.
6/9 - Dan Stamm
Carlin uses his Chester County studio to both paint and teach.
He has been also working on this piece for Sacred Heart Church in Royersford, Pa.
8/9 - Dan Stamm
These panel sketches are for a church in Illionois.
9/9 - Dan Stamm
Jesus remains Carlin's inspiration.
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