Pope Chotchkies: From Onesies to Twistmas

The opportunity to sell their wares brought vendors from near and far to Philly for the pope's visit.

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Queen Muse
Ron Crognale, an entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. invented this Christmas tree ornament that lights up.
Queen Muse
Crognale and his family were selling the ornaments as well as souvenir flags outside Amtrak's 30th Street Station."
Queen Muse
Vince Woods said he journeyed from Compton California to see the Pope in Washington, D. C.
Queen Muse
Vince Woods then headed to Philadelphia to sell these souvenir rosary beads, t-shirts, and tote bags.
Queen Muse
Jude Baseden and Carolyn Staley (pictured here)were selling these onesies and tees bearing the image of Pope Francis doing the Rocky statue pose.
Queen Muse
Queen Muse
A large group from the American Bible Society were on site at 30th Street Station giving out free bottled waters, Pope pins and bibles
Queen Muse
Members of the American Bible Society are trying to create the world's largest photo album by aggregating photos taken under the hashtag #enterthestory.
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