On 67th Anniversary, Korean War Veterans Honored at Penn’s Landing

On the 67th anniversary of the Korean War, a ceremony at Penn's Landing paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the fight, and Philadelphia-area veterans who served the United States.

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Philadelphia paid homage to those who served in the Korean War with a ceremony Monday afternoon at Penn’s Landing.
The ceremony marked the 67th anniversary of the war, which took the lives of 5 million people from June 1950 to July 1953.
The memorial was initially dedicated in June of 2002, and then finalized in May of 2017. It memorializes more than 600 servicemen from the Philadelphia area who were either killed or missing in action during the war.
Both Korean and American veterans who served in the war came together to honor the fallen soldiers and recognize the impact the war left behind.
“Today, South Korea is a vibrant economic power who enjoys the fruit of a democratic society. Korea humbly recognizes America’s ultimate sacrifice,” Oh Young Lee, president of the Korean Veterans Association of Philadelphia said at the ceremony.
City Councilman David Oh co-hosted the ceremony, lamenting that, “The young men and women who came back from serving built this memorial. To their friends, to their fellow military and for their families to remember that great sacrifice and to try and sum up year after year- what was it worth? At least from my perspective, it was worth the democracy, the freedom the safety that we enjoy here in the United States."
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