‘It’s Not Just About Cats and Dogs,” Help Name the PSPCA’s New Baby Donkey

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NBC10 Augie Conte
The Pennsylvania SPCA announced Tuesday the arrival of this new baby foal. He was born in the early hours of Sunday.
NBC10 Augie Conte
Sadie, the proud donkey mom was rescued by Humane Law Enforcement officers alongside another mini-donkey, Romeo, from a farm in Huntington County in January after her owners seemingly vanished. Along with a cow, a goat, chickens, roosters and two beagles, Sadie and Romeo had been left, starving, to fend for themselves. Concerned neighbors called the cruelty hotline, and our officers came to the rescue.
In March, it became clear that Sadie had a secret, she was pregnant. She delivered her baby boy just after 1:00 a.m. Sunday after just twenty minutes of labor, PSPCA Director of Public Relations, Gillian Kocher told NBC10.
Now, you have the chance to held name the baby. For a $5 donation, <a href="https://pspca.org/vote-to-name-our-baby-donkey/?bblinkid=47494906&bbemailid=3955694&bbejrid=284821781" target="_blank">you can vote for your favorite</a> from the following list of names: Lil' Sebastian, Georgie, Van, J.R. (Romeo, Jr.) or Lucky. You can also write-in a name of your choice.
Because of Sadie's neglect, the baby did require some extra medical attention, so donations will go toward his care.
NBC10 Augie Conte
Ultimately the baby donkey will be looking for a new home to go along with his new name.
NBC10 Augie Conte
"It's not just about cats and dogs," Kocher said, "we rescue all types of animals, including... baby donkeys."
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