Homeless to Homeowner

Homeless woman becomes homeowner after winning a Philadelphia Housing Authority auction.

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Auctioneer Dwayne Craig of Max Spann (left) points to bidders at First District Plaza. Max Spann auctioned off 196 homes on behalf of the Philadelphia Housing Authority.
Jessica Meyers, 28, (second from right) stands in disbelief during the auction as a bidder attempted to outbid her. She was there to purchase the home she had been squatting in for the past 8 years.
Joe Bodnar, a bid spotter, says, "Come on guys, you can't go wrong with $2,000."
Sarah Glover
Meyers and her friends shed tears and give each other hugs after she won the bidding war on her "home" at 5155 Funston Street. She purchased the home for $8,000.
Meyers fills out the paperwork for the purchase of her home. Her friend Amira Dvorah (right) lent her money to put the $2,500 down payment down.
Bidders register at the auction entrance area. $2,500 certified check was required and a personal check for the balance of the 10 percent down payment if it went over $2,500.
Hershel Williams bought properties at the auction in the North Philly neighborhood he grew up in. He plans to rehab them and sell them to families to help build the community.
Robin Cooper looks over the property listing. She and her daughter had their eye on 3 properties with a budget of $30,000. Cooper ended up buying two. "I want to make sure everyone is in houses that we own," said Cooper.
With about 600 people registered, the auction attracted 450 people to First District Plaza, according to Max Spann.
Jessica Meyers with her fairy godmother Amira Dvorah. She's all smiles and wants to start a non-profit to assist other homeless people buy homes.
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