Fire Takes Over Center City Apartment Building

A fire erupted at a Center City apartment building on Tuesday night, calling in over 100 firefighters.

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More than 100 firefighters dealt with dangerously cold temperatures and strong winds as they battled a fire in Center City on Tuesday night.
Jen Leary
Crews remained at the scene overnight into Wednesday.
Jen Leary
The roads were still blocked on Wednesday.
Skyforce 10
As Skyforce 10 was hovering over the city, the flames could be easily seen.
Stevie Chris
The fire took over an apartment building causing the area to be tightly blocked off.
Stevie Chris
The four-alarm fire started in the basement of an apartment building located at 2122 Locust Street at around 5:30 p.m.
Stevie Chris
Officials say 21 of the 22 units were occupied and the residents were evacuated quickly.
Stevie Chris
Although some residents were able to grab some of their belongings, the fire escalated, so residents had to get even further away from the building.
Stevie Chris
Two firefighters suffered minor injuries, but no other injuries were reported.
The fire was brought under control around 7:45 p.m. Officials said they harsh weather conditions make the task more challenging.
Stevie Chris
Fire officials explained that when water is sprayed in such cold temperatures, it will freeze on the ground. Therefore, keeping salt on the grounds is crucial when battling blazes in such low temperatures.
Jen Leary
Because of the temperature, water froze wherever it could.
Jen Leary
Officials assisted residents in evacuating, and The Red Cross also set up a shelter at Trinity Church.
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