Supporters Get Creative for the Presidential Candidates

Supporters around our area have been getting creative when attending rallies for their favorite presidential candidates. As the hopeful nominees make their last push in the area before the primaries come to an end, supporters are going out of their way to get creative and give their favorites a boost.

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Bernie Sanders' smallest supporters came to rally at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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A visiting youth group spells out TED on the front lawn of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia prior to an event hosted by Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.
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Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attend a rally in New York.
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Supporters listen to Republican presidential candidate John Kasich during a campaign town hall meeting in the ballroom at a Crowne Plaza hotel in Maryland.
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Hillary Clinton supporters show their love at a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Students at West Chester University in Pennsylvania used signs to share their feelings on Republican front runner, Donald Trump.
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A person holds a sign in support of Democratic presidential candidate US Sen. Bernie Sanders as he speaks to supporters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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Vendors sell campaign memorabilia outside the Weinberg Theater in Maryland before Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz campaigned at the venue.
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A supporter of Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a sign during a Get Out the Vote rally at Philadelphia City Hall.
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A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Governor John Kasich holds up a banner at the end of a rally in New York.
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