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Manayunk Bike Race is On!

You helped save the race and so did a mystery sponsor.



    Manayunk Bike Race is On!
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    After 24 years as the largest single-day, professional cycling race in North America, the Philadelphia International Championship was in jeopardy.

    An eleventh-hour push to rescue the Manayunk Bike Race worked, thanks to lots of your donations and the generosity of one big benefactor. We just don't know who has the deep pockets yet, but thanks!

    “We are pleased to report that today we secured enough new sponsorship funding to produce the race as planned, and will announce the event’s new partners next week” said Dave Chauner, president of Pro Cycling Tour and co-founder of the event.

    Race organizers need to raise half a million dollars to help fund the 25th Annual Manayunk Bike Race this year. Because of the city's budget shortfall, events now have to pick up some of the costs the city used to absorb.

    “It is not the city’s fault…Everybody is facing an economic crisis,” co-founder Jerry Casale said.

    Without enough money, the legendary race from the Ben Franklin Parkway to the iconic Manayunk Wall, faced cancellation, according to The Metro.

    Organizers launched a last-minute Embrace the Race campaign and challenged 100K people to pitch in the cost of a latte to rescue the June 7 race.

    Chauner said this week's contributions made a big difference. People are buying Champions Row VIP tickets for $75 or $100 each for seats under the tent at the start/finish line. The tickets include catered buffets, complimentary beverages, a rider appearance, free transport to and from Manayunk and parking. Embrace the Race stickers are selling for $5 each and posters for $10. Those contributions have raised well over a million dollars. Organizers met Tuesday with a (soon to be revealed) sponsor.

    “The new sponsors are providing enough to ensure we cover the city’s cost requirements, prize money and other budget items critical to running the race,” said Casale, “But we still need to sell more tickets and merchandise to break even.”

    Go ahead, skip another latte and buy up the right to say you saved the race!