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Garfield (the Town) Has a Major Cat Problem



    Garfield (the Town) Has a Major Cat Problem
    NBC New York

    Everyone knows Garfield always had a problem with Mondays, but now Garfield has a problem with cats.

    Garfield, New Jersey, that is.

    Residents of the Bergen County town say they have been dealing with feral cats for four years, finding them all over different parts of their property. Cats in chairs, cats on pool covers, cats on the roof (if anyone in the town has a tin roof, presumably cats would be found on there, too).

    The town has tried to combat this problem before, with a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program in place to help stop any frisky felines from procreating. But some in the town say the program isn’t doing enough, or isn’t working at all, as numbers are seemingly rising.

    One resident showed a picture of kittens he said was taken just days ago, while another complained that a neighbor’s granddaughter had picked up some of the abundant cat feces in the lawn.

    Garfield officials say there are as many as two dozen or so feral cat colonies in the town. Residents in the town have tried different methods to combat the kitties, and are desperate for solutions — short of harming the animals, of course.