Top 10 Things to Buy Before the Recession Ends

Economist predict that the recession will be over by the end of the year. And that means prices will be rising. So before our economy whips itself back into shape you should snag some of these items, the prices will only be this low for a limited time.

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Homes: The hottest bargain item of the recession is homes. The price of homes has decreased since the recession. So if you are looking to buy, now is the time!
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Cars: If you have been thinking about getting a new car you will find the best deals now. The country went from selling 16 to 17 million cars a year to below 10 million. That means deals, deals and more deals for you.
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Diamonds: Pop the question now or buy that special girl a best friend. Diamonds cost 11 percent less on average then they did before the recession.
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Vacations: In tough and stressful times who couldn't use a vacation? Airfare and hotels are pretty cheap. Now is the time to travel to Hawaii or any of those exotic getaways you've always dreamed of.
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Children's Toys: Who doesn't like to spoil their kids a little? Stock up on all of the latest kids toys and games without hurting your wallet. And with toys at an all-time low you can save by holiday shopping a little early this year.
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Laptops: Another hot recession bargain is laptops. If your kid is heading off to college or you're looking for a new laptop for work buy soon and save.
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Flatscreen TV: Sit back and relax on your couch while you watch a movie on a new flatscreen TV. Flatscreens have become extremely cheap, so upgrade before the recession ends.
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Furniture: There is no better time to refurnish the house then now. Go to any furniture store and you will see that you can buy all new stuff for less then it cost you pre-recession.
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Women's Clothing: What woman doesn't love new clothes? Splurge now, ladies, becauses dresses, shoes and t-shirts may not be this cheap again.
High Dividend Stocks: There is no better time than now to invest. Send some of that money you make into high dividend stocks to make some extra bucks.
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