Wax Those Brows — Feel Much, Much Better

Get an instant eyelift. Find the head, arch, and tail of your eyebrow. These tips can help you keep a nice, clean brow.

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Elise Dahn
Ladies, do your eyebrows need a waxin'? Well, if you want to save some money and wax'em yourself, here is how you can determine the head (or starting point), the arch, and the tail (or end point) of your eyebrow.
Elise Dahn
To find the starting point of your eyebrow: Take a popsicle stick, place it, long ways, starting at the crease of your nostril and hold it straight up.
Elise Dahn
To find the arch: Keep the popsicle stick at the crease of your nostril and diagnolly move the stick over so that it covers the middle of your eye. Wherever the top of the stick lands on your eyebrow -- this is where the arch should be.
Elise Dahn
To find the tail of your eyebrow: Keep the popsicle stick at the crease of your eyebrow and diagonally move it to line up with the end of your eye. Wherever the stick lands -- this is where your eyebrow should end.
Elise Dahn
Another tip when fixing up your brows is to get a small pair of cuticle scissors and small comb. Use the comb to brush your eyebrow up and out -- upward and in the opposite direction of it's natural growth -- then trim the extra hair you see sticking up.
Elise Dahn
For those of us with thicker, unruly hairs, here’s a way to manage your brow. Spray some hairspray on a comb and brush your brow over to keep them in place.
Elise Dahn
A bushy brow before waxing.
Elise Dahn
Once the starting point, arch, and end point are determined and the waxing takes places, here is an example of what the brow should look like. (Obviously, the "After" shot will be different for women depending on their facial structure)
Elise Dahn
Here is a side by side look: "Before" (left) and "After" (right).
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