Behind the Scenes at Nonstop

Catch a glimpse of all the wacky goings on behind the cameras at NBC Philadelphia Nonstop.

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Nonstop Producer Kristen's favorite chocolate cake.
ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL: Kate Middleton's ring has arrived -- well a replica at least. Nonstop producer Elyse was more than happy to try it on for size.
ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL: Here's another look at the ring. Look out for the special coming this April.
NBC Philadelphia Nonstop
NEW LIVE TRUCKS: Check out our new live trucks complete with our logo and the all-new NBC10 Philadelphia logo. Lookin' good!
KRISTEN'S HAT DAY: Nonstop producer Kristen wore this stylish hat to work today, but it was met with mixed reviews. So we passed the hat around to see who wore it best.
KRISTEN'S HAT DAY: Nonstop EP Kathleen really likes Kristen's hat. Look at that head turn!
KRISTEN'S HAT DAY: Technical director Brandon looks less than thrilled. But offered a good try.
KRISTEN'S HAT DAY: Nonstop producer and What the Tech guru Vince liked the hat so much that he did a little dance!
KRISTEN'S HAT DAY: No one can beat NBC10 Investigators producer Ed when it comes to posing for the camera. Bow and all he pulls it off!
SNOW COVERAGE: Nonstop czar Kathy decided to try and fill the boots of technical director Brandon. Needless to say his size 15 boot is just too much.
SNOW COVERAGE: This is how we stay sane during our hours of snow coverage
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