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Build Your Own Grilled Cheese!



    Build Your Own Grilled Cheese!
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    We're pretty excited about The Beauty Shop Cafe's build-your-own grilled cheese idea.

    Restaurants around the city are adopting the idea of recession chic—cheap foods presented with a gourmet twist, to lure in customers who might be clenching their wallets a bit tighter, given the current economy.

    The Beauty Shop Café (2001 Fitzwater Café), we’re thrilled to report, is now offering a build-your-own grilled cheese option. But this isn’t your mommy’s grilled cheese.

    Start with a basic sandwich for $3.50, which includes the main components: two slices of bread and one type of cheese.

    For $.50 each, add another type of cheese (or two or three, if you’d like). Options include American, sharp cheddar, Swiss, feta, brie and mozzarella.

    Then it’s time for the add-ons. $1.00 for the first item and $.50 for each additional ingredient gets you selections like tomato, avocado, cucumber, red onion, green apple, pear, basil and roasted red pepper.

    If you’re feeling really adventurous, vegan bacon’ll cost you an extra $1.25.