Yes or No? What You Can and Can’t Bring to the NFL Draft

Planning on making your way to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the NFL Draft? Make sure you pack accordingly.

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Don't bring any bags any larger than 16" x 14" x 12"-- That includes purses and backpacks. All fans and their bags are subject to inspection by security. Fans who don't agree to the search, won't be allowed in.
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No smoking, lighters or e-cigarettes of any kind are permitted.
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Be sure to leave the selfie stick at home. Not only could you block the view of your fellow fan, but they are also not permitted inside the Experience or theater.
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Wear your most comfortable walking shoes because no hover boards or self-propelled devices are allowed.
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No bottles, cans, containers or coolers are allowed, except for fans with medical or dietary needs.
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The temperatures are going to rise, so having a water bottle might come in handy. Reusable water bottles are permitted, however outside food and beverage are not.
No drones or UVAs of any kind are allowed inside.
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Small cameras and binoculars will be allowed, however binocular cases and camera bags are not permitted.
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Fido will have to sit this one out-- No pets are allowed inside. Service animals are permitted.
All weapons and firearms are prohibited within the premises, including pepper spray and electronic stunning devices.
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Your phone is okay, but leave the video camera at home.
Other restrictions include: No laser pointers, missle-like objects, artificial noisemakers, large umbrellas, folding chairs, bikes, or large personal items. Additionally, any item that is deemed dangerous will be taken.
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