Two Battle of the Bulge Survivors Share Their War Photos

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Family Photo
Eugene Morell peeks out of a trench. While fighting during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, Morell and B. Ira Needham worked on the same gun crew operating the 105 mm howitzer, a gun so massive that they had to bury it to prevent kickback.
Needham poses with another member of the regiment. When the men arrived at the front for the Battle of the Bulge, they were fresh from the United States and had not yet seen battle.
Family Photo
Morell stands and Needham sits as they pose with another member of their regiment. In addition to the men in their regiment, Needham and Morell served with a smaller gun crew during the Battle of the Bulge. They are the last two survivors of their gun crew.
Family Photo
The men served with the 106th Infantry Division during the war. The regiment remained at the Battle of the Bulge for the entire battle.
Family Photo
Needham poses with Brutus, his guard dog. Brutus was assigned to guard the massive airplane hangar full of bundles of supplies that were shipped in to Paris.
Newington Police
Morell poses in uniform. After the war, he participated in an on-the-job training program that helped returning veterans find work.
Lyryn Kay Photography
Morell, 92, and Needham, 99, meet up again this month. They've remained in touch through the years by writing each other letters.
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