Operation Dream Lift: Police Help Kids Board Flight to Disney

May 5, 2015: Volunteer troopers from New Jersey help kids board a flight for Disney.

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Sgt. Jeff Flynn
May 5, 2015: New Jersey State Police taking part in Operation Dream Lift at the Mercer County Airport in Trenton.
Sgt. Jeff Flynn
Operation Dream Lift provides a means for seriously ill and physically challenged children to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Sgt. Jeff Flynn
Volunteer New Jersey State troopers assist children, carrying those who cannot walk, onto a chartered jet.
Sgt. Jeff Flynn
Disney characters were also on hand to interact with the kids as well as local high school bands and county government leaders.
Sgt. Jeff Flynn
Kudos to all the officers and people behind the scene who make moments and memories like this happen.
Sgt. Jeff Flynn
Keep up with the New Jersey State Police via their website or Twitter @NJSP .
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