Motor Oil Trail Leads Police to SUV After Deadly Hit-Run

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Derrick Cheston | NBC10
A motorcycle lies on its side at Whitaker Avenue and Loudon Street in Juniata Park after police say an SUV struck a 58-year-old man as he rode it, throwing him off the bike and killing him.
A motorcycle rests at the scene where police say an SUV struck a man riding the bike, throwing him 30 feet and killing him.
Derrick Cheston | NBC10
Police say the vehicle struck the victim hard enough that his sneakers flew off and his body traveled 10 yards.
A GMC emblem lies on the pavement at the scene of the hit-run. Police say that and a trail of leaked motor oil and antifreeze helped them to locate the GMC Yukon SUV they believe struck and killed the man.
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