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Warning: Zombies on Route 212



    Warning: Zombies on Route 212
    Jim Wright
    Don't worry there are no zombies (to our knowledge) in Quakertown.

    The zombies have made their way to Philly.  Well, not really.  What actually spread to the Philadelphia region is the oh, so popular electric-sign hacking craze.

    It’s frighteningly easy and of course, ILLEGAL.  But, recently there has been a rash of these pranks—from Texas to Indiana to Australia!

    This past Sunday, what was originally a bridge construction warning sign on Route 212 in Richland Township, instead read, "ZOMBIES AHEAD."

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is investigating how someone could break the locks, get at the controls and change the message, Spokesman Gene Blaum said.

    Look Out Bucks County! 'Zombies Ahead'

    [PHI] Look Out Bucks County! 'Zombies Ahead'
    A simple prank raises some eyebrows about the undead in Richland Township, Pa.
    (Published Tuesday, March 24, 2009)

    Uhhh, Blaum, save yourself the time and browse the Internet.  There are walk through, step-by-step instructions on how to do it (no…we’re not going to link to them).

    Warning-sign tampering could endanger drivers, officials said, but this isn’t stopping jokesters from getting their laugh.

    Signs have been changed to read “OMG THE BRITISH ARE COMING” AND “O’DOYLE RULZ”—Gotta love “Billy Madison”, but it has no place on a warning-sign.