2018 Philly Pride Parade

The Pride Parade, one of the highlight's of Philly's Pride celebrations, kicked off Sunday's Pride Festival.

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NBC10 Lauren Mayk
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
Crowds gathered for the 30th annual Philly Pride Parade Sunday. The parade began in the Gayborhood and lead people to the festival, headlined by Margaret Cho, in the Penn's Landing Great Plaza.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
Grand Marshal couple Dante Austin, Roberto "Tito" Valdes, float past crowds along with the other Grand Marshals, John James, Heshie Smith, Deborah Johnson, Barbara McLean, David Fair.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
Spectators of the parade were treated to nice weather and plenty of music as people filled the streets.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
The Pride Parade was an event for the whole family with many children taking place in the march.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
The crowds have grown since the first Pride Parade 30 years ago when many people took buses to the New York City parade, rather than remaining in Philly.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
A group of motorcyclists rides into the Pride Parade.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
Rainbow flags could be seen everywhere during the event and many businesses even adorned them to show their support.
NBC10 Lauren Mayk
NBC10 employees showing their support for Pride month.
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