My Mother: A Tribute to Our Own Moms

NBC10 talent share stories of their mothers for this Mother's Day.

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Terry Ruggles
To celebrate Mother's Day last year, we asked our NBC10 family to give tribute to their moms. We thought it was worth another look this year. This is Terry Ruggles' mother, Jane, who died when Terry was just 11-years-old. He became "Mr. Mom."
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This is Aditi Roy with her mother, Gopa, "the most interesting person I know."
Aditi Roy
Aditi Roy as a little girl at the Grand Canyon.
Aditi Roy
Here's Aditi sans the shades.
Aditi Roy
Aditi with her mother Gopa and brother Avi.
"Among all the things that my brother and I have accomplished in our lives, perhaps my mom's greatest legacy is the closeness we share as a family unit."
Aditi Roy
Aditi reading by the window when she was a little girl.
"She kept track of everything -- what we ate, what we read, how we did on every test in school and all the minutiae in between. Oh, and she made sure we grew up bicultural and bilingual."
Aditi Roy
Aditi and Gopa at their favorite spot in Laguna Beach.
"My mother never had to tell us about values such as selflessness, diligence, strength, and dignity. She embodies those qualities."
Aditi and her mother, Gopa Roy in Chicago last year.
"In short, my mother devoted her life to ensuring my brother and I grew up to be the best individuals we could be."
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Aditi Roy
Gopa Roy, when she was 10 years old. She moved to the U.S. from India when she was 20. "She didn't know anyone besides my dad...but my mom is resourceful and independent...she knit together a life."
Howard Eskin
Howard Eskin's the kid in the middle of this photograph with two childhood friends.
"Despite what you may hear me do on the radio, my mother made sure that I was polite and kind to people, that I have compassion for others."
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Dave Warren
This is NBC10 Meteorologist Dave Warren with his mother at their beach home in Stone Harbor. She was a teacher and they both looked forward to spending their entire summers down the shore.
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Tim Furlong
Tim Furlong and his mother, Alise.
"I remember my mom's eyes lighting up when Neil Diamond's song America came on and the way she had to drop whatever she was doing to dance and sing along."
Tim Furlong
Tim's mom was also school teacher for many years.
"I run into people all the time who don't want to ask me about Hurricane's forecast or if "Vai-is-as-nice-as-he-seems-on-tv" (he is) -- they want to tell me stories about my mom and the way she impacted their lives."
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Jillian Mele
This is Jillian Mele with her parents when she was an infant.
"No matter where my dreams took me, she was right there beside me."
Jillian Mele
Jillian with her mom, Roseann.
"She always told me to never give up on my goals, and to never settle for less than I reach for in life."
Jillian Mele
Jillian and Roseann Mele.
Jillian Mele
"Through accomplishments, cherished moments, family losses and disappointments in life, my mom is always the first person I call."
Jillian Mele
"She is strong, not only for me but for everyone around her. "
Jillian Mele
"...after a car accident last summer that almost took her life, I appreciate her more than ever."
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Denise Nakano
This is NBC10's Denise Nakano as a baby, cradled by the mom whose sense of humor Denise really cherishes.
"Our bond is strong, made up of many great moments."
Denise Nakano
In her Mother's Day tribute, Denise remembers one particular "potty humor" time she and her mom laughed until their bellies ached.
Denise Nakano
"I'm glad for my mom's sense of humor, even in those moments when I embarrassed her more times than I can remember."
Lu Ann Cahn
This is NBC10 Investigator Lu Ann Cahn swinging with her mom -- one of her earliest memories of how her mom taught her "to fly."
NBC Philadelphia
Lu Ann Cahn with her mom in 1959.
"At every stage of my life, she's been my cheerleader, my coach, my wings, saying 'you can go higher.'"
Lu Ann Cahn
This is a closer look at Lu Ann Cahn with her uber consumer mother, Carol.
"There is no doubt I get much of my persistence and determination to try to right wrongs from her."
Lu Ann Cahn
A recent picture of Lu Ann Cahn and her mother, Carol Berman.
"My Mom taught me from my first steps in life that walking is fine, but if you live life right, you can learn to fly.
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Vai Sikahema
This is NBC10 Sports Director Vai Sikahema with his mom, Ruby "standing next to an outdoor ring for warming up outside the arena in Omaha, Nebraska at the Golden Gloves National Tournament. I was 14-years-old representing Arizona as a welterweight."
Vai Sikahema
Vai when he was 7.
"My passport picture wearing the bright green Hawaiian shirt my mother had sewn for me to wear as I traveled alone from Tonga to Honolulu to join my parents. It's also the first photograph of me ever taken."
Vai Sikahema
Vai and his dad.
"My father, Loni, starting training me to fight from the moment I arrived in the States. Dad dreamed of making me the heavyweight champion of the world. My mother saw football as the better option primarily because it offered a free college education."
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Rosemary Connors
Here is NBC10 Reporter Rosemary Connors with her mom, Rosemary Flannery, at the beach in Avalon, N.J.
"When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was follow in my mom's footsteps, literally."
Rosemary Connors
"I walked around in her sneakers, slippers, and, of course, high heels. And they were big shoes to fill- she wears a size 10. Still, I wanted to be just like her."
Rosemary Connors
Rosemary's 8th grade graduation picture with mom.
"I always knew my mom had a unique job, but it's been more than that. Through her work, she's given me lessons in life. She taught me the importance of giving voice to people who are voiceless."
Rosemary Connors
Rosemary's first broadcast journalism job was in Grand Junction, Colo.
"She inspired me to become a reporter, and it's these lessons that motivate me every day. My mother always says to me, "You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it."
Rosemary Connors
"And while I may have outgrown her shoe size, there's no way to measure how much she means to me."
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