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Beagle Survives Leap Off Bridge

Alexis Lorenz says her beloved pet Brandi jumped off the Burlington-Bristol Bridge on Friday night



    Beagle Survives Leap Off Bridge
    Alexis Lorenz

    A beagle took a leap, estimated at 65 feet, off the Burlington-Bristol Bridge and lived to bark about it.

    Brandi, a 7-year-old beagle, gets spooked very easily, according to owner Alexis Lorenz, who tells NBC10 that's why her beloved pet leaped off the bridge on Friday night.

    Her husband was taking the dog for a walk along the promenade in Burlington City when Brandi got scared, wiggled out of her harness and ran off. The beagle jetted onto the bridge and took a plunge into the water.

    Brandi is a rescue dog and Lorenz says she appears to have suffered some type of trauma when she was younger.

    Brandi suffered a bruised belly from her jump, but is otherwise doing just fine.