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Oh S*#&: NJ a Top Spot for Profanity



    Oh S*#&: NJ a Top Spot for Profanity

    Folks in New Jersey might use a few choice words -- that we could never print -- in reaction to a recent state-by-state breakdown on profanity use.

    Residents in the Garden State are the third most likely to use curse -- coming in just behind Ohio and Maryland, according to a study by the Marchex Institute. People in Washington State were least likely to curse.

    Delaware placed as a “Sailors” state -- one where people are more likely to curse, while Pennsylvanians were “occasionally profane.”

    The study by the research wing of mobile advertising agency Marchex was posted back in May, but gained momentum Wednesday thanks to The Today Show, NJ.com and other programs which discussed the study.

    The research of foul-mouths looked at more than 600,000 phone calls placed to businesses like auto dealerships, pest control centers and cable companies over the past year.

    Men across the board used bad language twice as often as women and, no matter the gender, the caller was more likely to curse the longer the phone call continued, according to Marchex.

    The study also looked at how courteous people were during service calls. Folks in South Carolina were most likely to use “please” and “thank you," while people from Wisconsin were least polite.

    Interestingly enough, New Jereseyans, while profane, are also among the “very courteous” states, according to Marchex.