Philly’s Peculiar Polling Places: Unique Spots to Cast Your Ballot

Philadelphia has 1,692 divisions, 66 wards, and 829 voting locations — and some of them are downright strange. From hoagie shops to hair salons, here are some of the most peculiar polling places we've found in Philly.

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Joe Kaczmarek
Joe Kaczmarek
If traditional locations fail in terms of voter accessibility, election officials can move their machines to more, er, unprecedented spots. The owners of private residences, like the one below, are compensated $110 per division.
Joe Kaczmarek
At Lee's Hoagie House on Castor Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia, voters can both cast a ballot and order lunch.
Joe Kaczmarek
The voting machines sit on one side of the restaurant, while the lunch counter does brisk business on the other.
In one of the 15 barbershops and beauty salons that double as voting locations this Nov. 6, voters can cast their ballots in less time than it takes to trim their beards.
Joe Kaczmarek
There are over 30 firehouses listed as polling locations in Philadelphia. Here, voting booths are set up right next to a fire truck.
Joe Kaczmarek
Voters sign their names and show their registration under the bright lights of this school gym.
One blue-curtained voting booth sits directly under a basketball hoop.
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