Red Hot Summer Sales Going on Now

The end of the summer is quickly approaching and stores are practically begging you to take certain merchandise off their hands.

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This time of year is a great time to get some sizzlin' deals on some big ticket items.
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New computers will be coming out in less then a couple of month's. That means last year's models will be available for deep-discounted prices.
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Cars will be cheap, cheap, cheap at the end of July. Dealers need to start selling old cars at low prices to make room for the new models. Plus the new economic stimulus package made sales taxes paid on cars deductable.
Throw a BBQ at your place this weekend. Stores are cookin' up some low prices on grills and accessories now that the Fourth of July has passed.
With the summer season ending, so is the need for patio furniture. Get some great quality outdoor furniture for a wonderful price at the end of July and into August. You can even show off your swag new patio by throwing an end of summer bash.
Lawn mowers are pricey. But because the spring season is over they are now cheap. If your neighbor had the best-looking lawn this year, a new mower may help you beat him next year.
Everything swim is affordable. Now that summer is coming to an end, sweaters are replacing swimwear. So go grab that new suit. You still have a month to sport it.
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The leaves are going to start falling in a few months so grab those wheelbarrows and rakes now. Now that the spring planting rush is over many hardware and home improvement centers have excess landscaping equipment in stock. And that means sales galore.
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If the kids have been begging for a play set all summer long, surprise them with a little end of the summer gift. Swing sets, baby pools and other outdoor toys are on sale now.
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Women love their handbags! And with the summer coming to a close, beach and colorful spring bags are going on sale.
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Somehow beach towels always seem to go missing. But no worries, you can stock up on beach and pool towels for next year now. You'll probably still manage to lose a few by the end of the season so be prepared.
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Everyone loves flip-flops. But what they love more -- low prices. Sandals and summer shoes are now on sale. Hey, if you don't use them now you can always use them throughout the year for pedicures.
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You can always use some soft, silky sheets. Bedding is going on sale now because stores need to make room for their fall bedding collections.
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