SEPTA Demonstrates New Key Card System

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Starting June 13, 'Early Adopters' will be able to purchase SEPTA Key cards from over 10 stations along the Market Frankford Line and Broad Street Line, as well as the SEPTA Building located at 1234 Market Street. Ambassadors will be located at stations to help customers get their Key cards.
Customers will follow the screen through a series of prompts to choose the best fare for them. Machines accept cash and tokens, debit, and credit cards. The SEPTA Key website has information on fare pricing.
After selecting the best options for them, riders will receive their new SEPTA Key card. The card can be used on buses, trolleys, Market Frankford Line, Broad Street Line, and Norristown High Speed Line. Riders can keep the cards and reload them once fares run out.
Riders will then swipe the Key cards along scanners located at the entrances of the routes. Riders can also check the amount of rides left on the card by scanning the card at kiosks in the stations.
A green check mark will appear as the fare is accepted.
If riders have any questions or concerns, information call boxes are located around the stations. The boxes will connect customers to service agents located in train stations in the city who can help with any problems.
And if all this change seems to be coming too quick, don't fret-- Tokens, TransPasses and cash are still accepted on all SEPTA routes. However, riders who do not choose the Key card will see some changes over time, as the updated turnstiles will not have a slot for tokens. Customers with tokens or cash can pay at the booths located at the station.
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