Cobbs Creek Comes Together

The Cobbs Creek community is more united following the abduction of a 5 year-old student who was taken from William C. Bryant Elementary School. There's a $85,000 reward in the case.

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Sarah Glover
A 5 year-old girl was abducted from William C. Bryant Elementary School on Jan. 14. Police are offering an $85,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspects. The Cobbs Creek community has become further unified, hoping justice comes soon.
Sarah Glover
Boone's Barbershop is a block from Bryant Elementary in the 500 block of South 60th Street. School safety was the topic of conversation the day NBC10 stopped by.
Sarah Glover
Sabu Wong, a barber at Boone's Barbershop since 1986, has a 5 year-old daughter who attends Bryant Elementary School. "The community is on high alert."
Sarah Glover
"My daughter is in the girl's class," said Wong. "I think about that every day. It could've been her."
Sarah Glover
Allen Attaway works at Nerue Car Wash, right across the street from the school. He asserted, "Whowever did it knows exactly what they were doing."
Sarah Glover
A passerby on South 60th Street and the corner of Walton Streets.
Sarah Glover
Stephanie (left), a mother of three kids at the school and Willie Gardner express that the Cobbs Creek community is unified. Gardner said, "Everybody knows everybody in this neighborhood."
Sarah Glover
Karen Braxton has been a business owner in Cobbs Creek since 2010. Her shop is a few blocks from Bryant Elementary. "It ain't like it used to be. I just believe we have to really pray for our children," she said.
Sarah Glover
Numerous businesses are within walking distance of Bryant school, including bodegas, salons, barbershops, a laundromat and pizza shops.
Sarah Glover
The front entrance of the Williams C. Bryant Elementary School is adorned with a peacock mural.
Sarah Glover
Brian Westbrook's image adorns the side of the school.
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