Cintas’ Best Restrooms in America

For over a decade, Cintas, has sought the best public bathrooms in the country. A business services company, Cintas' goal was to find the most unique, impressive, elegant, and quirky public restrooms. Winners have been picked from Wisconsin to Texas. Now, two bathrooms from Philadelphia and Kansas are attempting to flush each other out to take the 2014 title.

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Grassroots Art Center
Cintas' Best Restroom contest chooses the most unique, quirky, and clean public restrooms around the country. Bowl Plaza is located at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas. It's in second place at the moment, but Lucas isn't going down without a fight. "We'd like to be in first," says the center's Executive Director Rosslyn Schultz with a laugh. "We're encouraging everyone and their dog to vote."
Longwood Gardens
Longwood Garden's restroom is part of the largest American Green Wall. It's also currently in first place for the 2014 title of Cintas "America's Best Restroom" contest.
The 2004 winner is located at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygen, Wisconsin. It's a non-profit organization for aesthetic and educational purposes. According to the website, its mission is to "functions as a catalyst for and explorer of new art forms and new ideas that will impact the lives of both artists and public."
Who knew an airport could have such a nice public bathroom? The 2005 champion can be found at the Fort Smith Regional Airport in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This automated restroom prides itself on sanitation and a constant display of dried flowers.
At Wendell's restaurant in Westerville, Ohio, you can enjoy some fried pickles, a juicy steak, and a great restroom. The 2006 champion has a classic sports theme with plenty of towels, mouthwash included!
Porta Potties aren't always so inviting, but Jungle Jim's International Market used their likeness to win the 2007 title of Best Restroom. The Fairfield, Ohio location is a foodie's paradise. It's approximately 300,000 sq. ft. of Amish food, a cheese shoppe, and cooking classes. The bathrooms are no less extraordinary, not to mention misleading!
2008's winner is located in the 104-year-old Hotel Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee. The hotel contains Italian sienna marble, Russian walnut, a stained glass ceiling, and Persian rugs. It was Nashville's first million-dollar hotel and the high-end quality shows in the bathroom.
The restrooms at Shji Tabuchi's Theatre in Branson, Missouri looks fit for royalty. No wonder it was the clear winner in 2009. Live orchids, granite and onyx pedestal sinks, stained glass, chandeliers, leather chairs, a marble fireplace, and even a carved mahogany pool table await you.
2010's winner took Cintas to "the most photographed restaurant in St. Louis." The Fountain on Locust offers a veritably retro look while offering delicious food and ice cream. The bathroom is just as spectacular with ornate fixtures and designer mirrors.
Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History has some great exhibits, but its ground floor restrooms alone are worth a visit. With eco-friendly hand-dryers, a "tot-friendly" area, a special nursing room with a shut door, and a tiny exhibit inside, the 2011 winner was a no-brainer.
Eighty-three stalls and a hand sanitizer dispenser at each, Buc-ee's in New Braunfels, Texas took home the 2012 title of Best Bathroom. Buc-ee's is a chain of convenience stores in Texas with its largest location in New Braunfels, just off off Interstate 35.
The Varsity Theater was one of the biggest vaudeville houses in Minneapolis, hosting comedians and silent film screenings alike. Cintas felt like the restroom was just as entertaining and named it the Best Restroom of 2013. Cintas calls it a cross between an old-fashioned powder room and lounge with gilded mirrors and foot pedal shower faucets. You can even pick up a drink from the back counter into the restroom area!
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