10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Summer's end is fast approaching, but you still have time to make it memorable. Check out these awesome activities that you should make it a point to do before the end of summer.

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Leave your shoes at home for once and walk barefoot.
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If you've had a busy summer and haven't had any time to wind down, treat yourself to a pedicure. After a long summer of flip-flop wearing, your feet will love you for it.
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Grab your friends and throw a rooftop party (just make sure one of their apartments roof access). Up there you can enjoy summer cocktails under the stars.
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Why not lie on the grass one afternoon while listening to your i-pod? You'll be surprised at how relaxing it can be.
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Wanna a feel like a kid again? Have a water balloon fight with your friends and let the kid in you out.
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On beautiful summer days having a picnic is a must. You can picnic with your significant other, with friends or with your family.
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Who said you have to go camping in the woods? You can do it from the comfort of your home -- in your backyard. Make sure to have some bug repellent, a fire and marshmallows.
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Take a ride in a hot air balloon and take in the view.
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Take a few minutes to take in a beautiful sunset whether you're at home or at the beach.
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Are you an arts and crafts junky? Make a scrapbook of all your summer memories. Just be sure to leave room for the rest of the summer's photos.
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