Philadelphia Eagles Gather for Mid-Season Photo Shoot

The Philadelphia Eagles gather at NovaCare center in South Philadelphia for a Mid-Season photo shoot.

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Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles gathered to show off their 'wings' at a mid-season photo shoot Monday at the NovaCare in South Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Eagle
The coaches and players also took unit photos out on the practice field. "As a coaching staff we've been very, very comfortable with Cary and Fletch, and I thought they played very well again," said Eagles Coach Chip Kelly.
Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles defensive line shows off its muscles to photographers on the practice field at the NovaCare Center. Look at those muscles.
Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles running backs -- including star LeSean "Shady" McCoy -- assembled for a group photo as well. "I think there are some things from an angle insertion point that we wanted to get accomplished with the running backs. So we were a little bit more under center. But it's no different than being in the pistol," said Kelly.
Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles' secondary looked pretty tough on Monday's photo shoot.
Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles
Kelly said that the Eagles are enjoying "really good tight end play" this season from guys like Zach Ertz, James Casey, Trey Burton and Brent Celek.
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