Man Who Broke Up Fight in Viral Video Appears on Steve Harvey Show

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Ibn Ali Miller, 27, spoke with Harvey in an exclusive interview that aired during Monday's episode of Steve Harvey. Since gaining fame, Miller has turned down most interviews but decided to make an exception when Harvey reached out to him.
Miller received a "Harvey's Hero" award during the episode. Harvey also spoke with the two teens who Miller stopped from fighting, Jamar Mobley and Sheldon Ward. In a video posted last month that has since gone viral, Mobley and Ward are fighting on the corner of McKinley and Indiana avenues in Atlantic City as onlookers cheer and laugh.
Miller then spoke to the teens and the crowd for nearly four minutes, urging the boys to stop fighting and criticizing the crowd for encouraging the scuffle. Miller ended his speech by telling the teens to shake hands and make peace, saying he would not leave until they did so. The video ends with Mobley shaking Ward's hand.
Miller was gifted a 'Harvey's Hero' jacket along with $5,000. Both Mobley and Ward were also gifted $5,000 to be put towards their college funds.
Miller had 3 final thoughts he wanted to share before the end of the interview; "To these two young men, and to any young men who are watching, to know to love God first, because a man without God is no man at all. Secondly, to have reverence for your parents irregardless of any of their short comings. After that, love yourself. Really, really have a deep, deep sincere love for yourself, because if you don't love yourself, you can't love anybody else."
"I want to thank the people who raised these young men as well," Miller said. "Because they raised them to be young men of reason which seems to be a very, very rare trait in today's youth."
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