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"Punkin Chunkin" Headed to Dover Speedway



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    The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) is officially moving its location to grounds owned by Dover International Speedway for its nationally renowned pumpkin throwing competition, scheduled for October 24-26.

    After two trips to the location the team was extremely pleased and the deal was approved 72-5 last week.

    Punkin Chunkin Association president John Huber said the group began their search for alternate locations when they were notified that the previous event host, Dale Wheatley of Wheatley Farms, would no longer host the event on his land.

    Wheatley's decision stems from a 2011 lawsuit in which a pumpkin spotter claims he seriously injured his spine when he hit a bump on his ATV and it rolled over him. He is now suing the farm and the Punkin Chunkin Association for over four million dollars.

    "WCPCA leadership opened discussion with Dover International Speedway to look at the feasibility of using the Speedway property to host our annual event. The DIS leadership team has been very helpful in evaluating this location for use and has offered it to us provided it meets our needs and both parties can meet on terms and conditions," he said last April.

    The Dover International Speedway is a 750-acre complex that has served as the host of many NASCAR events, as well as several other large events, including the annual Firefly Music Festival.

    Although it’s a big push due to the close timeframe his team is already in full swing. Hosting the event on a farm lead to creating parking areas, providing restrooms, lighting, etc. but the amenities currently provided by the new location will make it a lot easier on the staff to prepare for the event.

    Delaware Tourism officials say the fall tradition attracts more than 100,000 visitors from around the world each year, and reels in millions of dollars in annual revenue for the state, and for local businesses. In 2013, the event drew $100,000 in ticket sales.

    The money raised during the event is used towards community scholarships and charities.

    As of Today, 107 days remain before the big event.