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"Stupid" Dunkin' Donuts Robber Gets 3 Years

Robbed his own employer



    "Stupid" Dunkin' Donuts Robber Gets 3 Years
    A Dunkin' Donuts employee took the money -- and left the donuts.

    It's not often a criminal describes his efforts as "stupid." File this one under really stupid.

    Matthew Soria, who worked at a northwest Indiana Dunkin' Donuts, told his boss to loan him some money so he wouldn't "do something stupid." In case there was any confusion, Soria even said that could mean robbing someone, according to prosecutors.

    The boss ignored Soria so he did indeed rob someone...his employer. He was sentenced to three years in prison this week for breaking into the Dunkin' Donuts in Hobart, Ind., and stealing $2,342. And it was caught on a video surveillance camera. 

    Prosecutors said a former employee stood as a lookout while the 26-year-old Portgage man crawled through the drive-through window and took the money from the cash register onSeptember 5, 2007. 

    Yep. That was "something stupid."