World Shocked to Learn Stuff We Already Knew About Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our lieutenant governor is a giant, the lanternflies are everywhere, and we like to dance. Deal with it

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Two of this city's sports mascots are furry, wide-eyed, 7-foot-tall chaos-causers. Did anyone really think sending an "army" of watchers down here would intimidate Philly?

The president declared that "bad things happen" here, and the slogan was on T-shirts almost immediately. Now, weeks later, dozens of supporters have showed up at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and elsewhere in the city as the nation watches Philadelphia count ballots. (Need to see a livestream? It's here.)

It can be difficult to laugh in a time like this. And some of the news has been no laughing matter, like the arrest of two men who came up from Virginia with guns and may have targeted the convention center.

But scariness and divisiveness haven't stopped the weird or unexpected from happening in Philly. Supporters protesting the ballot counting process were met with dance parties that lasted hours on multiple days this week, while the count continues. There were people dressed up like mailboxes!

It's all strange - to those unfamiliar with the birthplace of freedom. But if you've seen Gritty or the Phanatic, you should already know that Philly is different. And sometimes, we forget just how unique we are, until someone from elsewhere points it out.

Here are a few things that struck people about Philly and Pennsylvania as they spent days and hours in the spotlight:

These bugs are everywhere

We've seen commercials, tweets and countless articles telling us why spotted lanternflies are a danger that will kill our crops and should be destroyed on sight.

For some natives here, it was a shock to see people unaware of the lanternflies, or this tweet referring to it as an "elections bug."

Unfortunately, these bugs are spreading across the country, though they die off in the winter (not before leaving eggs behind though.) The University of Pennsylvania is training a team of dogs to sniff out lanternfly egg nests so they can be eradicated.

Hopefully that plan goes well; we don't want more lanternflies piling up like they did outside one Philly restaurant this fall.

John Fetterman is really tall

John Fetterman, our state Gov. Tom Wolf's righthand man, is closer to seven feet tall than six. He's made the rounds on cable news networks offering context about the Keystone State during this weeklong Election Day.

A former mayor in western Pennsylvania, he was recently criticized on Twitter for saying the convenience store Sheetz was better than the Philly-loved Wawa.

As an olive branch in that social media fight, Fetterman changed his Twitter username to "Jawn Fetterman," taking the Philly slang statewide. (Here's a sort-of explainer on what Jawn means.)

One national journalist speculated if the new attention will lead to more articles about Fetterman, while another Twitter user speculated about future political ambitions.

Cowboys not welcome here

The president's false claims about the vote count have led to politicians and social media personalities who support him flocking to Philadelphia.

It has also led to speculation about union electricians stealing cowboy hats, apparently.

Speaking of the Cowboys, they are 2-6 after falling to the Eagles. The Birds continue to lead the NFC East at 3-4-1 and beat Dallas this past Sunday.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro didn't need to mention the Cowboys' record when he tweeted at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Friday.

The parking tickets are vicious

The aforementioned Virginia men were arrested, so they haven't had time to move their car. But if their time in the spot was up, here comes the ticket.

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