Philly-Original ‘Jawn' Being Considered As Official Dictionary Word: Merriam-Webster

Philadelphia, "youse" should listen to this "jawn."

Merriam-Webster announced Wednesday on Twitter that Philly's own beloved slang term "jawn" could be the dictionary's next new word: "Philly, this jawn's for you wrote, the dictionary wrote.

"Jawn" has been added into Merriam-Webster’s "Words We’re Watching" list, which means the team at Merriam-Webster is seeing the word used more and more. 

But the word, which can describe "anything and everything," according to Urban Dictionary, has not yet met Merriam-Webster’s criteria for entry into the dictionary.

"Jawn" is a noun can be singular or plural. It can refer to an item, a situation or even a person.

Can "youse" think of any other Philly slang that should be added to the dictionary with "jawn?" Or should these Philly words stay strictly local?

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