North Philadelphia

Woman Steals Temple Police SUV, Goes on Joyride

Police say the woman stole the marked police SUV from near Temple University Hospital late Sunday night

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A woman went on a joyride after swiping a Temple University police SUV from North Philadelphia late Sunday night, police said.

It’s unclear how she got into the parked SUV near Broad and Ontario streets near Temple University Hospital around 11 p.m. and drove off. You’ll often see the police vehicles parked around Temple’s campus.

Philadelphia police said they quickly launched a police helicopter and started searching from above as officers canvassed the ground.

Within the hour, investigators found the squad car about 3 miles away near the suspected carjacker’s home in the Feltonville neighborhood of Philadelphia.

She was spotted from above going through the vehicle, but by the time officers got there, police say she was gone again.

Squad cars typically have police firearms inside — all of them were safely recovered and the SUV was secured, police said.

But the woman who stole it — she was still out there Monday morning.

Police have yet to reveal how she started the police vehicle.

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