Getting the Alerts That Matter to You From Our NBC10 App

20180612 Apps
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We've redesigned news alerts in our NBC10 app -- so you can get the news that you care most about. 

You can now select which news alerts you get from your iPhone, iPad or Android apps. Choose from Breaking News, News, Watch Live, Editor’s Picks, Commuter Alert, Sports or a number of weather alerts.

Opt in for as many as you'd like or just a few. We chose those topics based on your feedback; thank you, and please continue sharing it.


Breaking news and the stories that matter to your neighborhood.

Flyers Make Amends for Family With Special Needs at Game

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To personalize your notifications, make sure you've downloaded the latest app; here's a link to iPhone and to Android. Then check "Allow Notifications.”

Once you've downloaded the app, click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and then click on the gear icon in the app.

On iOS devices, select "Alert Settings" under "Notifications." On Android devices, select "Alert Settings" under "Alerts."

Make your selections by toggling the blue button off or on next to each topic.

Breaking News will give you breaking alerts about the latest and most urgent stories of the day.

News will give you less urgent, but important, alerts.

Watch Live will alert you when a live news event or important newscast is happening.

Editor’s Picks are stories that have been curated by our editors to give you a deeper, unexpected look at the news.

Commuter Alert will deliver the latest information on mass transit and road problems.

Sports will keep you updated on the best sports headlines from Philly.

In addition, you can choose which weather alerts you would like to get.

First Alert Weather alerts are issued by NBC10's First Alert Weather Team about major, local weather concerns.

NWS Severe Weather Alerts are issued by the National Weather Service and contain important weather warnings or watches.

Lightning Alerts warn you when lightning is in your area.

Precipitation Alerts warn you when rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain or hail is approaching your area.

And remember, you can always turn weather alerts on or off for any location you've saved in our weather section. To do that, go to the weather section of the app and click the location under the map.

You'll see "current location" or any saved location; just click on the location name to control the alerts.

We hope you enjoy our new app and continue to help us make it better for you. Please rate it in the app store and send us your feedback to

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