What's Open in Delaware? Here's Your Guide

Delaware was early in our region to reopen some businesses, though it has recently slowed its reopening, saying it is not yet ready for "phase 3."

Woman on the beach wearing a mask
Tim Furlong / NBC10

Delaware recently said it would not yet move to the final phase of reopening after noticing a spike in the number of cases, especially among young people and at its popular beaches.

The state had been early among our three states to reopen retail, restaurants and even museums elsewhere in the state. It had a three-phase reopening plan, from the most restrictive Phase 1 to the least restrictive Phase 3.

But Gov. John Carney ordered the slowdown after noticing an uptick in positive tests in beach areas. The state remains in Phase 2.

He also said anyone on the beach in Rehoboth must wear a mask -- even on the sand. The state also ordered all beach bars to close just before the July 4 holiday.

Here is a link to the state's reopening plan.

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