Light Up the Holidays: II

Take a look at more local decorations that light up the holidays.

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Annual Christmas lights at the Allen's include lighted trees, reindeer, snowmen, polar bears and igloo, holiday train, Snoopy's Christmas dog house, Santa's sleigh and the manger scene along with Christmas carols playing throughout the evening. Children and adults alike look forward to this Christmas display every year.
Robert Pearce
This is our house that we decorate every year to bring some joy and happiness to our neighborhood. We like to see the smiles on the young and old. The lights are all synchronized with holiday music.
Karen Harris
Santa's rockin' with his band to live music while Snoopy takes off down the runway! Santa and his "Rein-train", and Rudolph greet the crowd! The Gingerbread house is OH SO tempting!! Happy Holidays!!
Karen Harris
This is another picture of the Rockin' Santa house!
keith mith
This is my house lit up.
Yes NBC, there is a Santa Claus! He normally goes by his real name of Dom Carpani. He is responsible for showing the spirit of Christmas every year to people from the tri-city(Millville, Vineland, Bridgeton) area of Cumberland County, NJ. He extends this wonderland over approximately 2 acres. The theme is Rudolph and the Misfit Toys, while others join in with the theme. He has loved this story since he was a little boy and has carried it through time to share with his family and friends. Most of the characters he and his family built and painted. In addition to a tour that he takes people through, he has gifts for the little ones at some of the scene stops. For example: coloring books, matchbox cars and of course new toothbrushes at Hermie's Dental Shop (remember he was the elf that wanted to be a dentist?). He opens his home and property to the public to spread the Christmas spirit each year. He is not rich with money but is rich of heart and generosity.
James Beck
My house at Christmas.
My dad used to go all out decorating for Christmas and as my brother, sister and I started getting older he started cutting back and not doing as much. We used to win decorating contests almost every year in Clifton Heights!! I now have a 13-month-old son and it has gotten my dad back in the spirit of decorating the way he used to after having to buy almost all new decorations. If you come see us there will be an elf waiting to greet you!!
Snoopy's Christmas in East Norriton, Pa.
Jim Martello
More decorations in East Norriton
Jim Martello
Snoopy's Christmas
Greg Terinoni
Just another photo of this most cheerful display! Enjoy!
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