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Do You Know What Sexual Harassment Is?



    Do You Know What Sexual Harassment Is?
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    Know the signs of sexual harrasment in the workplace or at school.

    Great tips about what to look for and what do about sexual harassment, according to the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

    Some signs of sexual harassment include:

    - Supervisors, peers or teachers calling you pet names such as "babe" or "hon"

    - Being asked detailed questions about your personal or social life, as well as being told about someone else's personal business

    - Hearing constant comments about you appearance, clothing or body

    - Discrimination against other students or coworkers because of their age, race, ethnicity, religious background or sexual orientation

    - Sexually suggestive tones, descriptions or body language in your work or school environment

    - Your teacher or supervisor using hugs, pats on the back or arm around the shoulder to make points

    - A hostile environment toward men or women such as jokes, comments, cartoons or pictures of a sexual nature posted

    So what you should do if anything happens to you?

    - Trust your judgment if you feel uncomfortable or think someone's behavior is inappropriate

    - Do not blame yourself

    - Talk about your situation with family, friends or coworkers you believe will be supportive

    - Obtain your academic or personnel file

    - Become familiar with sexual harassment policies and grievance/complaint procedures in your school or place of work

    - Document dates, times, places and events that make you feel uncomfortable as well as any harassing documents or pictures

    - Inform your harasser that his or her behavior is unwelcome either verbally or in writing and keep a copy of any written communication sent to the harasser

    - Consult with a trusted supervisor, administrator or personnel trained in discrimination issues

    Who should you contact?

    Delaware Residents:
    Delaware's Department of Labor: Division of Industrial Affairs' Office of Discrimination
    320-761-8200 for the Wilmington Area
    302-422-1134 for the Milford Area

    Pennsylvania Residents:
    The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
    215-560-2496 for the Philadelphia Region
    717-787-9784 for the Harrisburg Region

    New Jersey Residents:
    New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault
    609-631-4450 for South Jersey

    State of New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety's Division on Civil Rights

    Click here for more information from U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.