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The Eagles' Season Is Over

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2016 season was fun while it lasted. 

So, let’s review: The Eagles played their first preseason game last Thursday. Sam Bradford played one series. Chase Daniel, in for most of the first half, looked like the second coming of Mike McMahon. 

Then, Carson Wentz played the second half, looked good marching the team down the field for a few minutes… and then threw an interception. And now he’s hurt. And since he’s not playing in the regular season… see you in 2017, Carson.

Not that any of our quarterbacks are going to be walking upright anyway. With Jason Peters hobbled and Lane Johnson soon-to-be suspended ten games, I expect McLeod Bethel-Thompson to be playing meaningful snaps by mid-October. Who knows what the Eagles will do once HE gets hurt… 

But even a completely healthy line wouldn’t have helped the offense Thursday, with the receivers dropping so many passes I had to double check to make sure Chip Kelly wasn’t still on the sidelines. 

Yes, I know. The Eagles won the game. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s their only win this season. 

Our coach is Andy Reid’s less-experienced protege. Our GM is the guy who was the architect of the Vince Young/Nnamdi Asomugha Dream Team. We have two new starting cornerbacks for the fourth year in a row, and I’m not feeling good about us not making it five next year. 

At least we have that high draft pick next year to look forward to, with the draft in Philly! 

Oh, that’s right. Damn. 


There is some good news, though. It appears karma is coming to hurt those who attack Philadelphia fans. 

Look around the country: Lane Johnson bashed the fans for booing last November… and now, he’s suspended. We all know how Jonathan Papelbon acted when he was with the Phillies… and the Nationals released him this week after a disastrous year in Washington. 

If you bad mouth Philadelphia’s fans, make no mistake, you WILL be made to atone for your sins. Let that be a lesson to you, too, Marvin Harrison. The local native made a point, in his Hall of Fame speech, to praise fans of his team, the Colts, while trashing the fans in his hometown of Philadelphia for excessive booing. It was, without a doubt, the worst thing Harrison has ever done. 

And then there’s Bob Davidson. The baseball umpire, at a Phillies game two weeks ago, ejected a fan for heckling too loudly. Thrown out of the stadium for heckling the ump? I remember when America used to be a free country. Next thing you know they'll be kicking fans out of games for getting drunk and throwing punches. 

Other Philly sports takes: 

- How come Wing Bowl isn’t an Olympic sport? 

- Good point by Marcus Hayes Tuesday: Since the Phillies stuck with Ryan Howard during his three-year slump, it would only be fair, now that he’s playing better, for the Phillies to get rid of him now

- Why can’t Donovan McNabb shut up about the Eagles? He said last week that the Eagles were being stupid with how they’re handling the quarterback position. He’s right, of course, but he still doesn’t have any business saying so. 

- I appreciate the Phillies giving all-time greats like Placido Polanco and Randy Wolf the honor of retiring as Phillies. I’m looking forward to next year’s honorees, David Bell and Steve Jeltz. 

- Bob Brookover made a good point in the Inquirer: The time is right for the Phillies to put Pete Rose in the Wall of Fame. And he'll have incentive to show up, now that we have local casinos.   

- Sure, it was a nice story that Chase Utley came back last night -- but how soft have we gotten as Philly fans? Cheering an opposing player, even after hitting two home runs against us? Since when was that acceptable? I promise you: If we’d booed Chase, the Phillies would have won, instead of losing 15-5. 

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