Zac Efron Dishes on Seth Rogen's Pranks, Accidentally Curses on “The Tonight Show”

Rogen kept telling Efron to take off his shirt for no reason.

Zac Efron stopped by "The Tonight Show" to talk to Jimmy Fallon about dressing in drag and fighting "Neighbors" co-star Seth Rogen in the film.

On Tuesday's "Tonight Show," Efron, Rogen and Fallon wore dresses and pretended to be teenage girls for the sketch "EW!"

"It's nice to be here in men's clothing," Efron said a day later. "I think you did the little girl thing well."

"You're a good looking girl, that's so wrong," Fallon said. "I think you being a good looking guy is one thing but to be a good looking girl, now I hate you!"

"Literally during the sketch Seth kept saying 'close your legs'," Efron said. "Thank god I had those tights."

Then, the two talked about the NFL draft that begins Thursday night in Radio City Music Hall. Some of the most buzzed about players appeared on the episode.

Fallon asked Efron if he was a fan of football, and the 26-year-old told a story about his awkward run-in with Sean Payton who is the coach of the actors' favorite team, the New Orleans Saints.

Efron said while filming the movie "The Lucky One" in New Orleans, he was in an apartment sitting on the couch while in his underwear. To his surprise, the door opened and Payton and a woman walked in because they were interested in buying the the place and someone told them they could go see it.

"Suddenly there I was facing someone I really admire in my boxers," Efron explained. " I said, 'It's so nice to meet you, can I put my pants on?'"

Then, Efron gushed about working with Rogen on the comedy.

"Seth is like incredibly honest," Efron said. "Since the first time I saw 'Knocked Up' I've idolized that man. He sorta came up to me and pitched me this and it sounded ridiculous but I just trusted him."

However, that trust backfired on him. Apparently Rogen played a trick on Efron while shooting the movie.

"I would do anything for this man," Efron said. "He would just say Zac shirt off for the scene. Eventually I realized the cameras weren't even pointed my direction. He was just f***ing with me."

Efron apologized for cursing, but later he let another expletive slip. While explaining a fight scene, the actor said Rogen wrangled him in with Christmas lights.

"That actually happened and I was like how the f***" Effron accidentally said.

Finally, Fallon introduced a clip from a movie, showing a scene from a film he called "F***ing Neighbors."

Watch the silliness above.

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