Wild Turkey Stuffs Self Into School Bus Windshield

A wild turkey in New Jersey decided there was little to be thankful for Friday morning and hurled itself into traffic

It is not uncommon for those on the road during weekday rush hour traffic to flip the bird. It’s less common for the bird to flip into ongoing traffic.

A wild turkey smashed through the windshield of a school bus Friday morning in South Jersey, leaving three children with minor injuries, according to police.

The turkey did not survive.

The large bird was flying on County Route 553 at about 8 a.m. in Lawrence Township when it crashed into the crowded bus, spraying broken glass on the driver and the kids headed to Myron L. Powell School, police say.

Three of the children were treated for minor injuries. The rest were simply stunned by the fowl arrival.

The bus driver, Edwin Ramos, told NBC 10 News he was only five minutes away dropping the students off at school when the unthinkable happened.

"He just went right throught that windshield glass, shattered the whole glass and hit me in my face," Ramos told NBC 10 News. "Everything was in slow motion, I could only see through one eye."

Ramos also suffered minor injuries.

Wild turkeys are the heaviest group of ground-feeding birds. Adult male turkeys range in weight from 11 to 24 pounds. The record-size male wild turkey weighed 37 pounds, according to the National Turkey Federation.

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