WATCH: This Is What Happens When You Park in Front of a Fire Hydrant.

A New Jersey driver learned the hard way not to park illegally along a Camden street where a fire broke out Saturday

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It wasn't a smash-and-grab in the traditional sense.

Camden firefighters who arrived on the scene of a row home fire Saturday discovered their access to a much-needed fire hydrant was blocked.

So they did what firefighters have done for decades when someone parks in front of a fire hydrant as a blaze occurs nearby. They shattered the windows of the vehicle and ran a hose through to access the hydrant.


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The fire occurred on the 400 block of Chambers Avenue near Cooper University Medical Center in the afternoon, according to the Camden Fire Officers Local #2578, which posted the video to their Facebook page.

"The fire was close to extending to the cockloft but firefighters made an excellent stop," the post read. A cockloft is an attic space atop row homes. In older houses, cocklofts may not have updated fire walls to protect against the spread of a fire from house to house.

"(Camden Fire Department) crews had to navigate thru [sic] vehicles blocking hydrants during the incident," the post continued. "No occupants or firefighters were injured."

In a message to NBC10, one of the administrators of the Camden Fire Officers Facebook page reiterated the importance of drivers not parking in front of fire hydrants:

"Water supply is critical to safely mitigating a fire emergency. As such, it is important for the public to be aware that it is never a good idea to block hydrants. Lives are at stake."

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