Bucks County Teen Beaten Unconscious by Group of Guys

A Bucks County mom says her teenage son was knocked unconscious during a random and severe beating at the hands of a group of men. Now, she's concerned the attackers could strike again and hurt another child.

"He has a whole bunch of facial injuries," said Tina Grady as she described the beating her 16-year-old son received.

The boy, Jarrett Grady, was walking home from a car show near his high school in Falls Township, Pa. around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday when he was attacked from behind, she said.

He had his hood up and was listening to music when six or eight guys started beating him along a poorly-lit section of North Park Drive, according to the mother.

"There was two cars, they pulled over, shut their lights out. And then a few minutes later, he was being beat about the head, the face, being kicked," Tina Grady said.

Jarrett was knocked unconscious and suffered a number of injuries including black eyes, a broken nose and severe bruising on his side. The attack happened so fast, the teen didn’t get a good look at the group, Tina Grady said.

"We're lucky that he's alive. We're lucky that somebody didn't kill him," the mother said.

Tina Grady says she’s worried the group will carry out a similar attack on another teen and hopes police will nab those responsible soon.

“I don't only fear for the safety of my children but I fear for the safety of other children. Because if it happens to my son, it can happen to anyone.”

Falls Township Police have surveillance video of a group of teens at a convenience store from earlier in the evening, but it’s still unclear if they were involved.

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