Light Snow Falls Ahead of Weekend Warm-Up

Light snow will fall and stick across much of the Philadelphia region Friday

What to Know

  • Some light snow is expected Friday with the most accumulation expected in South Jersey and southern Delaware.
  • Temps won't get out of the 20s Friday so anything that falls will be snow that sticks.
  • Temps start to warm this weekend and are expected to get around 60 by next week.

It's cold Friday but not as bitter as it was 24 hours earlier. On this first day of February, some snow is falling during the day leading to some slippery conditions.

Here is what to expect:

  • Friday: Light snow as high temps only get into the 20s. An inch or two could fall in southern Delaware and New Jersey.
  • Saturday: Temps finally start to warm above freezing.

Some snowflakes began to fall Friday morning in Philadelphia, the suburbs, Delaware and South Jersey. With temps in the 20s, anything that falls will be snow and will stick to the ground causing some slick spots on untreated roads.

The snow, which continued in most neighborhoods into the afternoon, is part of a weak system and is not expected to be intense at any point during the day as winds remain light. The snow showers will move out by the evening.

The snow caused some schools in Delaware to close early. Get the full list.

South Jersey and Delaware neighborhoods have the best chance for accumulation, with an inch or two possible and maybe a pocket of up to 3 inches. An inch or less is expected in Philadelphia, Wilmington and the immediate suburbs. It's possible that the northern and western suburbs will get only a dusting. Snow chances decrease the closer you get to the Lehigh Valley and Poconos.

The snow should be light enough to brush away with a broom in most neighborhoods.

Relief comes over the weekend with temps in the 30s Saturday then getting up to 50 in some neighborhoods Sunday. It could get to 60 degrees by Tuesday.

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