Philly's Top Ticketing Red Light Cameras

Drivers beware, these are your riskiest roads for red light camera tickets

Driving along Broad Street could cost you an extra hundred bucks on your next trip. That's because you have a higher chance of getting a red light ticket on that stretch of road than most in Philadelphia. has obtained several reports on the performance of the city’s 108 red light cameras. In our first analysis, we found 12 cameras across the city doled out 47-percent of the 193,049 tickets in 2012.

The report showed Broad Street has three intersections that issued more than 41,800 tickets.

A single camera positioned on South Broad Street facing Philadelphia City Hall snapped 10,804 tickets worth $1 million. Each ticket carries a fine of $100, according to the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Another camera on the north side of City Hall at John F. Kennedy Boulevard caught another 10,948 drivers running the red light.

Further north at Broad and Vine Streets, two cameras logged more than 13,850 violations worth $1.3 million.

The cameras, operated by Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, take two photos to record red light runners in the act. The photos are then sent to the PPA for review by two employees. Violations that are confirmed are then sent to Philadelphia Police for an officer’s review. Once confirmed by all three, a driver will receive a ticket in the mail.

The intersection of Island Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard in Southwest Philadelphia had the highest number of tickets issued.

The report showed more than 33,700 citations came from that one intersection. The busy road near Philadelphia International Airport has an eight lane main road with two access roads on either side.

A camera on the eastbound side of Lindbergh Boulevard snapped up $1.5 million in violations.

In all, 12 cameras generated more than $9 million in revenue. The entire red light camera program handed out $19.3 million in fines last year. But the reports found only $13.9 million worth were paid.

See the top ticketing intersections in Philadelphia below:

1. Lindbergh Blvd. EB at Island Ave.15,083 $1,508,300
2. John F. Kennedy Blvd. WB at N. Broad St.10,948 $1,094,800
3. S. Broad Street at S. Penn Square10,804 $1,080,400
4. Vine St. EB at N. Broad St. (South Side)8,512 $851,200
5. Island Avenue SB at Lindbergh Blvd.7,681 $768,100
6. S. Penn Square EB at S. Broad Street6,199 $619,900
7. Island Avenue Svc. Rd. SB at Lindbergh Blvd.5,725 $572,500
8. Roosevelt Blvd. NB at Levick St.5,344 $534,400
9. N. Broad St. (North Side) at Vine St.5,344 $534,400
10. Island Ave. NB at Lindbergh Blvd.5,218 $521,800
11. Roosevelt Blvd Svc. Rd. NB at Levick St.5,120 $512,00
12. Aramingo Ave. at Castor St.4,563 $456,300
TOTAL90,541 $9,054,100
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