Philly Scientist Finds Cure for the Hangover

Thomas Jefferson University professor cures hangovers in rats

A researcher at Thomas Jefferson University has performed a true act of brotherly love:  He discovered the official hangover cure. And it’s not your Bloody Mary/greasy brunch combo or your frat buddy’s raw egg concoction.
The cure for the hangover is (drum roll please): A cup of coffee and an aspirin.
Though it’s not rocket science, Professor Michael Oshinsky’s confirmation that coffee and aspirin will do the trick flies in the face of all those "hangover experts" in your friend pool who have been telling you that your next-day headache is because you didn’t drink enough water between beers the night before and that coffee (a diuretic) will simply dehydrate you even more.
Oshinsky found that ethanol (pure alcohol) brings on headaches because it produces a chemical acetate that adversely affects people, even in low doses, reports the Telegraph.
Oshinsky induced headaches in rats by giving them ethanol, and then fixed them right up by giving them caffeine and anti-inflammatories. The combination blocked the acetate and relieved the headache, reports the Telegraph.
So there you go: Coffee and your choice of pain reliever. It may not tell you that you left your friend on the roof of a Vegas hotel, but it should improve your morning.
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